(1)Client’s Interest First

We put our clients’ interest first in everything.
 We therefore provide a high-quality specification of a patent or utility model application. A high-quality specification is effective especially when a right such as a patent is granted. More specifically, a license negotiation and a civil suit (caveat or damage suit) can be conducted more favorably with a high-quality specification.

High-Quality Specification

In a case of a patent, for example, determination on how broad the scope of a patent is, whether patent requirements are met, whether a patent infringement is constituted, and the like, is made based on a claim and a specification. In other words, patentability and enforceability of a patent is affected by the quality of a claim and a specification.

 Here, what has to be considered is who determines what based on the claim and the specification. During the prosecution, mainly an examiner and a trial examiner at the Patent Office read the claim and the specification and make determinations based thereupon. On the other hand, during the proceedings for the execution of rights, judges at the court make determinations. Further, in a license negotiation, a person in charge from a competitive company does.

 In short, people with different backgrounds read the claim and the specification and make determinations. Further, not all people share the same thinking and make the same determination.

 In light of such circumstances, we draft a claim and a specification in such a manner that many people can easily grasp an invention. Thereby, facilitated is achievement of the Examiner’s impression that a patent should be granted during the examination at the Patent Office. Moreover, an invention receives a better impression at the court and higher possibility of winning a case can be expected during the proceedings for the execution of rights. During a license negotiation, a patent is impeccably protected against the other party, and the negotiation can be facilitated.

(2)Great Mobility(quick response)

In order to provide a satisfactory service for our clients, we try our best to visit our clients to hear opinions directly. Further, when an application has to be filed in a very short time due to our client’s strategy for intellectual property, we draft a claim and a specification expeditiously. Of course even in such a case, we will not degrade the quality of the claim and the specification.

(3)Active Interview with the Examiner

We actively make use of an interview with the Examiner during the prosecution of a patent application, and accelerate the prosecution.We believe having an interview with the Examiner is an effective measure to get the Examiner to have a better understanding of our client’s invention.