[What is "Onedee"]

The name of our firm “Onedee” is a made-up word from “one and only,” coming from our desire to be one and only best IP PARTNER for our clients. Further, “Onedee ” means “Hope everyday is an enjoyable one.” in Thai.


Three patent attorneys sharing the same aims established the firm in 2007. Although we have only a short history, our experienced attorneys are responsibly committed to client service.
Moreover, unlike many of other Japanese patent attorney’s offices, we have formed a corporate body since our inception, so as to represent firm clients as a corporate body rather than as an individual attorney. This is for the purpose of providing our clients with everlasting and reliable IP service.

[Practice Areas]

・ Patent Applications
・ Utility Model Applications
・ Design Applications
・ Trademark Applications
・ Foreign Applications and International Applications
・ Prosecution of Applications before the Japan Patent Office
・ Opinions in the Area of Patentability and Infringement
・ Litigation

[Technical Areas]

・ Mechanical Technology
・ Electrical Technology(electronic circuit, semiconductor, battery, display etc.)
・ Electronic Control
・ Software
・ Material Technology